In May 2019 the Department for Education set out plans to launch a £2m pilot to simplify how the Government supports underperforming schools. This involves a pilot of Teaching School Hubs in areas including Sheffield, Bromley, Northamptonshire and Bradford. The pilot phase was scheduled from Autumn 2019 and builds on the successes of the Teaching Schools and National Leaders of Education programmes by tasking them to lead nine Teaching School Hubs across the country, to simplify and strengthen the way schools support each other to improve. We now await announcements about the pilot, delayed by the General Election. The proposed national roll out of the programme is scheduled for 2020/21.

In March 2019 there were there were 637 teaching school alliances. These are “strong schools led by strong leaders that work with others to provide high-quality training, development and support to new and experienced school staff. ” Now there will be nine new super teaching hubs piloting approaches to school improvement support through the initiative.

Intrigued by the way that EdTech can be used to help system improvement and aware that most people turn to the Internet to learn new things I have started working with Guide Education who are developing an exciting new platform that:

  • Provides access to accredited teaching and support staff training courses at a low monthly cost;
  • Offers a platform in which schools can build their own bespoke video training courses; and
  • Additionally, features student revision materials via TuitionKit.

If you would like an informal chat about how on-line teacher training and improved collaboration using Microsoft tools can be developed in your teaching school alliance please give me a call on 07972114489 or mail me at

Additionally, as schools collaborate through Academy Trusts and Teaching School Alliances the need for common communication, collaboration and sharing platforms becomes evermore essential. Working closely with the Tablet Academy I am able to offer support for school collectives who wish to drive home use of Microsoft O365 and especially Teams, which is fast emerging as a single unifying platform connecting everything from school shared files and personal to Class Notebooks and digital assignment management.

The Microsoft 365 Programme is free to qualifying schools and Trusts. It provides consultancy and a report to guide your forward planning, an ‘art of the possible’ workshop for senior staff and a training session for your staff.

Everything is changing in education and technology is at the heart of that transformation. Teaching schools need to powerful on-line learning and collaboration tools if they are to influence staff development and school improvement over increasingly widened spheres of influence. This is where I can help through informed consultancy and connection with the right tech partners.


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