21st Century Learning

Training and consultancy to help you transform teaching and learning so that your school is effectively preparing young people for life in the digital and information age. Delivered as either a training day or structured programme planned over one or two years.

  • CPD programme planning with your lead teacher
  • Researched-based professional learning with a personal touch
  • Workshops to introduce each of the six rubrics
  • Flipped learning model using the Microsoft learning pathway
  • Curriculum and lesson planning workshops to apply learning

I will facilitate and coordinate a blended professional learning programme for your school.

This programme will be based upon the 21CLD curriculum and its six rubrics for 21st century learning:

Collaboration; Skilled communication ; Knowledge construction; Self regulation ;Real world problem solving and innovation; Use of ICT for learning

21CLD Badge

With on-line learning accessible through the Microsoft Education Centre this learning pathway underpins the the new MCE Technology Literacy for Educators exam

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