Schools ICT

Consultancy to support your vision and strategy for ICT. Help with solution building, procurement processes, services and hardware selection. Advice on moving to Cloud services including Office 365 and G-Suite. Professional development and training.

21st century technology demands use of 21st century technology but making the right decisions and developing effective use can be challenging. I offer transformational advisory support designed to drive change through an integrated approach to teaching, learning and technology.

Build your vision and strategy involving all stakeholders. Design your solution. Work out the best way to procure services and equipment. Make informed choices and support teachers to improve learning outcomes through better use of EdTech.

BJDEDUCATION is the training partner of several managed service providers. We provide CPD planning consultancy as part of your contract. This includes a training needs analysis and facilitation of training, EdTech enhanced learning projects and advisory support. To view the range of training offered click here.

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